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Amid Debate Over Designated Injection Sites, Dwindling “Safe” Options for NYC’s Opioid Users

By: Tomas Navia / CityLimits / New York, NY / January 15, 2019

Clara Cardelle walked out of the Washington Heights Corner Project onto West 181st Street and into New York’s humid August heat. She set down her bulging black bag to light a cigarette, without removing her purple latex gloves. A sharp inhale marked the beginning of her last community outreach shift for the day.

Cardelle, 50, walked down the block toward Highbridge Park with purpose. She grew up three blocks from there, and when she used heroin, this was her terrain…


Pollution Levels Are Down, But Optimism Remains Low

By: Tomas Navia / Sixth Tone / Shanghai, China / December 27, 2016

The timing wasn't perfect: On Dec. 9, the minister of environmental protection, Chen Jining, reported that 2016 had been a landmark year for smog reduction in China, just six days before the highest-possible pollution warning was issued to 23 cities across the country. As schools closed, flights were canceled, and citizens protested the toxic smog, the announcement made little media impact...


What We’re Reading: The Paris, Beirut, And Baghdad Attacks In A Global Context

By: Tomas Navia and Meghan Friedmann / BlogDailyHerald / Providence, R.I. / November 17, 2015

We at Blog would like to extend our condolences to those who have been affected by recent and on-going attacks in Paris, Beirut, and elsewhere in the world. Thankfully, all 18 Brown students studying abroad in Paris were safe throughout the attacks. In light of recent events, this week’s “What we’re reading” will focus on the attacks in Paris, their international implications, and the international response by the media and society at large...


Check Out This Hidden Gem In Nicaragua That Tourists Always Miss

By: Tomas Navia / Public Radio International / Leon, Nicaragua / August 9, 2015

LEON, Nicaragua – Visitors to Leon are greeted by a large sign reading, "First Capital of the Revolution." A museum focusing on the 1979 Sandinista uprising sits in the center of town. On a recent afternoon, a short, stocky ex-guerrilla, Marcelo Pereira, stood outside inviting tourists in...


One Man's 10,000 Books Are About To Put One Tiny Nicaraguan Town On The Map

By: Tomas Navia / Public Radio International / Masatepe, Nicaragua / July 18, 2015

MASATEPE, Nicaragua – Stepping out of his childhood home, Nicaraguan novelist and former Vice President Sergio Ramirez walks through a park filled with children...


McCarthy Eyes Republican-Controlled House And Senate

By: Tomas Navia / The Hill / Washington D.C. / June 23, 2014

Incoming House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) sees a rosy future for both House and Senate Republicans. 

The rising leader told The Hill at Sunday evening’s Ford’s Theatre Lincoln Medal gala that he thinks there’s a 75 percent chance Republicans take back the Senate. He was similarly optimistic they would add to their numbers in the House, too... 

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